Thursday, August 21, 2008


That's the problem. I've always been talking about how people should not give hope to other people if they knew that the relationship was not meant to be, or would never ever happen.

And here I am, doing the same thing.

I thought there was something going on.

But now, I'm so going to break someone's heart.

Just like how people have done to me before this.

I know how much it hurts.

Convincing yourself that you are okay is the worst thing in the world when you are constantly thinking about that one person, wanting to know their where abouts, what they are doing, and what they are thinking about for that moment.

And you lose the battle to yourself, when you know from the start it is not going to work out, but you go ahead with the so-called plan anyway, thinking that things are going to change. And every bit of miracle that happens along the way makes you think that it's a sign from God that you should be together, but your heart tells you better. But you ignore the feeling until reality hits you right in the face, and you lose the battle to yourself, twice.

Damn it.

I'm so mean. :(


nurul said...

nope hun. u're not. u're being responsible to take into consideration of what the other person feels. U may also think life deserves to give you a chance of making your love story come true. So you give in sometimes to a fact that is freakin obvious from the start. Sometyms it works out in the end, sometym it doesnt. We learn. For you. it's another chapter hun.

from ur support team

nurul said...

be tough farah. i know there's more to come for you.


HaNi said...

haih~ it always happen farah.. just when i thought i got it all in my hand.. the plan, the strategy, confident that i'm doing the right thing..
it was actually not...
same shoes farah, same shoes (eventhough u r 6 and i'm 7)

hani said...

it's tough..nurul's right, u're being responsible, for the other party and for urself..

i think u know well about priority..
take it like this..i've learn that such courtship or dating or relationship are HARAM in islam UNLESS it's going nowhere but marriage (nikah..)
u should know, what kind of relationship yg tertakrif n diiktiraf Allah..silaturrahim, friendship are definitely YES!! friendship between man and women, also yes selagi x melanggar batas syarak..
u have strong,concrete reason to decide such way..nekad n yakin dgn keputusan tu because we know that u know u're a RESPONSIBLE person.."WE LEARN" all the way we learn..

take care farah!

ps,Ako n me is done btw..we're just friends now..

pps, i've read Aku Terima Nikahnya by Hasrizal Abd Jamil..isinya to me bagus.not just about nikah but mainly to realize about the concept of aku-hamba dan Kau-Tuhan in beautiful n lovely way..maybe when u have time and interest to read it, u'll feel better..

aiXat.MR said...

strange isn't it..
To decide on sumthing that we really think the best.
but still..
the feelings comes as fault on us.



i'm just bloghopping from nowhere.


Farah Waheeda said...

nurul & hani : thanx for being supportive all the while : so im not the only one who have felt his way. btw, hye!