Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Psychiatric Series 3.0

People ask me what we medical students do in the psychiatric ward. Basically, we interview the patients, ask them why they are in the ward. After that, we do a test on them to see how well they are functioning despite their illness.

There was this patient who just got interviewed by a few people, and I think he was pissed at that time. So, there I was sitting with my colleague, Ayu, lepaking (the only ward where we can lepak and do nothing while interviewing patients) and suddenly this patient, Achik decides to ask me some questions (which is similar to the questions we usually ask the patients)

Achik : Bagitau apa persamaan antara epal dan orange.

Me : Dua-dua buah.

(This question is abstract thinking, the patient must be able to say something about the objects not what they see but more of abstract. Like if the patient doesn't have abstract thinking, they would answer, epal + orange = bulat, instead of buah)

Achik : Perbezaan?

Me : Warna die, satu ada tangkai satu tak de..

Achik : Apa perbezaan antara baju dan kereta?

Me : *paused* Owh! Baju sorang je boleh pakai, tapi kalo kereta ramai orang leh pakai.

Listening to this, my friend Ayu turned towards me and said "I don't think you have abstract thinking la" :P (or something like that)

LOL. *maybe I'm a patient after all*

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hani said...

hahahahahahahahah!! there are time we're insane in sane way...