Sunday, September 21, 2008


I know I haven't been blogging regularly. It's not that there is nothing I'm thinking about, or I have nothing to blog about. It's just that I've been plain lazy. Just starting the family medicine posting which is freakingly tiring (due to travel actually), everytime I reach my "room" and face the laptop, I just feel like dozing off. Which I often did last week. Dozing off in front of the laptop. Total neck ache next morning. :D

So I've attended my year 6 primary school reunion thingy, had iftar with fellow upm coursemates, went shopping bla3x. Boring preparation for the Hari Raya stuff.

Some people who I've been contacting regularly always tell me that I'm always going shopping somewhere when they are contacting me. Well, that is not exactly a lie. I've been spending my weekends or my free time basicly roaming in shopping complexes, looking for things to buy or to spend my money on. Typical shoppaholic syndrome. But for me this syndrome only comes like once a year. Or maybe when JPA just filled our bank accounts with the tax-payers money. Huhu. ^_^

Well, I went out shopping again today with my mom. Basicly looking for.. nothing indeed. But merely looking for stuff I could ask my mom for. Yeah, I'm pretty spoiled. Only for the moment (a.k.a preparations for the Hari Raya) :P LOL. I've been eye-ing this certain watch for sometime, so fortunately today, my mom decided to become extremely generous and get it for me. Yay! (Jumping with joy :D) And the nice china-man in the shop gave me a great discount upon knowing I'm a student, and he gave me even more discount when he knew what course I am taking. (Wow, people do seem to help us poor students out huh? :P)

Then I went with my mom choosing t-shirts bla3x and whatever else she wants to spend her precious, hard-earned money on. Having the watch I have always wanted made me happy.

But another incident that happened later on that day made me happ-IER.

Well I was walking towards the supermarket in Jusco Wangsa Maju (where I frequently spend the tax-payer's money given to me by the government) with my mom, who was yapping about God-knows what.. I don't remember. As usual I was checking out people around me, dudes and dudettes. Checking out for cute people, what they are wearing, any cool accessories worn and so on. I'm sure I'm not the only one in the world with this hobby. The only difference is I actually admit that I do it. :P

So as I was walking towards the supermarket, I saw a cute guy walking towards me. Hands in his pockets, taller than me -- by 4-5 inches (which is way taller than most average short Malaysian guys :P LOLS), clad in a white t-shirt and blue jeans.

He looked me straight in the eye. Well, basicly our eyes met. For a few seconds. Of course at times like that, usually people would evert their eyes to show that they weren't staring. Suddenly the dude smiled at me. The most fantabulous smile I've ever get in a long while, showing his pearly white, straight teeth, and even having a glint of sparkle in his eye.

HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU >_< heaven babeh!!!

I couldn't help but smile as well at this dude. And we passed by each other.

I didn't turn back to check whether he turned back to check me out after we passed each other. (Get what I mean? If you don't just pretend you do :P)

But his smile was enough to brighten my day. And I'm still smiling while typing out this blog entry.

Definitely goes to show that smiling to strangers could actually be a good thing you know! But don't smile in a sexual predator kind of way, no one would appreciate that.

So, I'm going to go off and think off that dude who smiled at me. And pray that there will be more cute dudes smiling at me in the future. Walau-eh!!! hahahahaha. :D

Take home message : Smile to strangers when you go shopping for Hari Raya stuff :D

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HaNi said...

i can feel u babe..i really do..
a cool and CUTE dude smiling at u..weyh best2..
i'm smiling too~
teehee..hehe *giggling gedix2*