Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Exam gua sudah habis beb.

Imagine me doing the "base" dance turn-around that Mark and Rovilson did everytime they reached the destination in Amazing Race Asia 2 back then.

So I have 2 days off before the next posting starts.

Psychiatry posting has been a bitter sweet event. And very emotional.

I thought I could never last the 8 weeks I had in Psychiatry during my first week there.

But amazingly I did, despite at times having my own mood disorders. Teeheee.

It was definitely a different experience. All I have to do in the wards were talk, and talk and talk.

And the best part is I don't even have to touch the patients. Hehe.

But building rapport with the patient was hard at first, who wants to tell you their deepest secrets in the first 5 minutes of meeting you?

Not forgetting the moments where I had my hair pulled by patients, being kissed on the cheeks (thank God by females yo ;P), having my white coat smeared with curry and so on.

Wow. I would definitely remember how I had to control myself from actually taking my pen and stabbing the patient (or patients) right at their left chest and into their pumping heart, but eventually stopped doing so as I realized they do have problems thinking straight. That's why they were in the wards in the first place.

Now, I just want to breathe, I was asphyxiating since last week when I knew I was meeting the Dean as my examiner.

Tomorrow, raya shopping spree. Then bukak puasa berturut-turut with friends. Heeheeeee.

Before the start of another posting, and adjusting to a new routine. *sigh*

Let me just bask in my sheer happiness of finishing the exams for the time being. :D

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