Monday, October 6, 2008

Keja dak medik tika bosan di bulan puasa

Ni lah keje kitorang (not all budak medik la), cume kitorang yang kat KK Sri Kembangan tika bosan di bulan puasa yang lalu.

Since one of us brought an actual camera (not the handphone ones ok), we decided to camwhore in our white coats. :D

L-R : Francis, Azlin, Annie, Mak, Wanny, Me and Zes

Cian abang MA tu tetiba kena amik gambar kitorang.. huhu :P
And bear in mind it was like 12 o'clock in the afternoon, so you can see most of our eyes are half open due to the glare. (alasan mata nampak sepet :P) Lols!!

The first camwhoring picture taken. I was sms-ing someone at that time, so just put the phone to my ear konon-konon talking to someone la plak. This pic to me looks like some snapshot of some medical drama (they do a lot of those shit these days, Cinta Medik...Ampang Medikal.. what the hell.. )

In this pic, the director (Azlin - in red) asked us to toy around with our medical tools : stethescope, torch light bla3x. That's the best idea I could come out with.

We were supposed to the the muka comel but blur (like Francis and Wanny) mengikut arahan director, but I looked like.. urm.. watak protagonist who hates everyones guts. Haha! :P Me and Zes buat muka "what the hell?". Hahahaahaaaaa...

Will be back with more pictures. Of raya and the rest of the stuff I did in the Ramadhan month. :D


Kapt Ir Dr said...

waa...bergaya btl doctor wanna be ni eh...hehe..

Farah Waheeda said...

bergaya je lebih :P lols

Matematis Muda said...

doktor macam ni yang kita cari

untuk melakonkan watak doktor dalam filem malaysia


B said...

Oh ini kerja bakal-bakal doktor di belakang tabir yeh.. Ni dasar camwhore semua ni!!! XD

How are u? Hope it's not too late to wish u selamat hari raya! :)

Niss said...

korang adalah doktor yg super cool.

all this time i have this thought in my head that doctors are serious people, they dont play that much like us (the non-doctor .hehhehehe ) and less crazy.

tapi korang cool!



hopefully one day if i happen to be hospitalized, i akan doktor cm korang. huhuhuhuu

Farah Waheeda said...

nabil : nanti aku ckp cadangan ko kat yusof haslam :P

kak b : as always, camwhoring exists everywhere.. even in the hospitals!! huhu.. slmat hari raya to u too :D

nisa : you see... behind the facade we have when having to see patients, you can't really see our true colours tau.. huhuhuhu.. same je sume students.. medik ke tak.. sume pun gile :P