Monday, October 13, 2008

Mere conversations

Situation 1

I was holding the remote. Flipping through channels.

I stopped at E! Channel.

There was some Forbes 20 something list going on, upon which, the image of Snoop Dog was shown.

Then my father exclaimed "Hey that's snoopy! He is one of the richest nigga in Hollywood now"

Way to go dad! Someone's been watching too much E! Channel when I'm not around. :P

Situation 2 (told by my auntie)

My cousin is 5 years old. My auntie caught him with his hands in his pants rubbing against his... you know what.

My auntie said " #$*%^ (censored in case any of my relatives read the blog), what are you doing putting your hands there?"

"Mummy, I'm just playing with 'my thing'. Making it 'happy' bah" -- apparently his 'thing' stood up when he plays with it.. (like duh :P)

OMG. LOLS *sampai tahap golek2*

Situation 3

My brother and I was driving in the car.

The topic about relationships came up, and my brother was asking about what type of guy I would want to date.

I stated this " I want a guy who could mesmerize me and take my breath away"

Immediately, my brother answered, not taking his eyes off the road, "Yeah, I believe in unicorns too"

Damn it!


HaNi said...

i like ur brother...
but i do wanna guy like dat too...
they all are eradicated

anaquerida said...

i believe in unicorns btw :P
p/s: i just got ur raya card. baru duduk kg baru hari ni.thanks! my first and only raya card i received dis yer :P

Farah Waheeda said...

hani : see! i know i'm not the only one!! but of course, like my brother said, believing in them is like believing in unicorns. I hope there still are unicorns somewhere in the world. :P

nana : raya card not a prob. heeee. kek coklat u still sedap. too bad on a freaking diet :P