Thursday, November 27, 2008

What I like about you

Everyone has their own opinion about what they like in a person. Or more specifically what they want in their significant other.

Some guys want a girl who wears tudung, some wants those who dress up like beyonce, some wants medical students, some don't want medical students and so on.

The same issue arises in girls as well, where some girls want pilots, or someone who is buff and black *ehem ehem* and so on.

I have always had a thing for engineers.

It's like I always thought that doctors are meant to be with engineers. Doctor-doctor relationships are usually boring. But I could not deny, probably doctors are the only one who truly understand the work of another doctor. And the problems they face.

But so are the other jobs in the world. Only a policeman would understand what another policeman is facing, only a waitress would understand what another waitress is facing and so on.

But still I like the concept of a doctor and an engineer being together. At least you can talk about a lot of different stuff that the other one knows not about.

And both doesn't really have time for each other, so they won't get bored easily. -- this could be a plus point or a minus point, depends on how people see it.

And engineers.. well.. the term just sounds so sexy to me. Haha.

Doctors have to learn something that has already been there for like a gazillion years, but these engineers have to create something new. And usually they have to do calculations which needs lots of practice. Or so I think.

Well. Whatever it is, doctor-engineer would be an ideal concept for me. Now I'm off to read something for my exams. Tee hee.


liyana 'querida said...

"Doctor-doctor relationships are usually boring"


*terasa kejap*

haha, if their topic of conversation revolves around medicine only, i can't deny lah.

but anyhow, they CAN make a perfect couple. i have proves.

*perasan kejap*


HaNi said...

doctor-engineer --> i agree


Mighty Jacksparrow said...

ouh hello. i'm an engineer :D

the significant relationship eh? quite a point to ponder upon there. make sense though.

but then the house will be empty. the doctor would be at the 36-hour combo duty while the engineer goes for a 2 week service at the rig. hiahahah

akmar said... better be careful...manela tau ade doctor kebasmy b nnt..huhu~

Farah Waheeda said...

nana : haha. yeah. u have proves. hehe. no denying that. i forgot to mention that doctor-doctor relationships maybe boring, but definitely reliable. hehehehe. for those who are doctors as well i suppose. ;p

anot : yeah baby.. doctor-engineer is the way to go :D.. now where shall we start looking for that engineer? lols. kidding ;p

mighty jacksparrow : the house will be empty. definitely. but if you are so used being apart from the significant other, you will appreciate each other's company more when you meet. as they say, absence makes the heart go fonder. and i'm still standing with my opinion about doctor-engineer. hehe.

amon : haha. don't worry. kalo ada doctor nak kebas u punye b, it wouldn't be me. hehe. lagipun i tak tau b u tu engineer. :p *wink wink*

Mighty Jacksparrow said...


well i did try the idea with a future doc but didnt really work out.

am trying on engineer-engineer relationship now, specifically mechanical-petroleum. kalau mechanical-mechanical x boleh. ego sama rata. hehe.

Farah Waheeda said...

mighty jacksparrow: like i said, only the person in that field would understand what another person in that field is going through. a doctor would understand what a doctor is going through. and an engineer would definitely understand what another engineer is going through, although difference is mechanical and petroleum.

hehe. it's like a doctor in paediatrics understanding what a doctor in o&g is going through.

boring it may be, but definitely reliable.

good luck for u in this one. hopefully it will last yah? :D