Thursday, December 4, 2008

The One on Cooking

I love to eat. That is a well known fact to my friends and coursemates.

But actually, I love to cook too. It's not a hobby, it's more like a passion.

To prepare food, and then share it with family or friends.

I never really felt this way about cooking before, because back then in high school (yeah, I started to prepare dishes in high school), it was more on helping my mom prepare dishes for dinner. Or for lunch during weekends.

I didn't care about how it looked, or more importantly, how it tasted. What matters to me, is that is done. And I've done my chore for the day.

Through out the years, I began to taste more different food, savoury, sweet - you name it, and with the influence of watching Asian Food Channel or watching successful housewives in preparing meals, something ticked in me.

Maybe I could prepare food that looks and taste good too, and not just to prepare food.

After all, life is too short to eat bad food.

I also think secretly, deep down inside, every woman, or every girl, wants to be able to prepare food like Bree, in Desperate Housewives. She is able to whip up a complete meal, from appetizer up to dessert, all by herself! I feel that way. Not to the extent of to be able to prepare a cookbook (season 5 of desperate housewives), but to be able to prepare a whole complete meal would be satisfactory enough for me.

Maybe it's not too late to enroll into culinary arts, and get away from white coats, stethescope and diseases. (As if :P)

Although medicine will be my life now, but cooking will always be a passion. And I would definitely pursue it until I could be somewhat like Bree. Or maybe half of Bree. That'd be great too.


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Mardhiah said...

I adore Bree. She's my ideal domestic goddess, the mom who does everything. But yea, without the whole boring-in-bed-so-my-husband-finds-a-hooker-mistress kinda thing :s