Friday, January 2, 2009

The Greatest Technology To Date

If I had to choose 3 of the greatest technology to date, it would be the handphone, the internet and.. ipods? Hehe.

But basically I do think that the handphone is the best technology to date. It keeps people connected from one end of the world to another. It is an assuring tool, to tell people that the one loved is safe when they are apart. Or to know that they are not waiting in vain when the one they are supposed to meet are late. Or to know that getting help when they have car problems in the middle of the highway in the middle of the night is just a call away.

There is no denying that the handphone is a great technology.

But with every great tool, there are the pros and cons as well. Some people may well off lie about their whereabouts with the handphone, saying shitty stuff like "I'm on the way" when they just got out of bed.

Besides that, it just stops all hopes and dreams. For instance, if you really want to get connected to another person, by all means you can call or text that person. But if you really want to show that you wish to ignore that person, you will not answer the person's call or text messages. So it really breaks a persons heart and stops them from hoping that anything magical may happen between you and them.

It makes me think that maybe people living in the age where there were no handphones, and phones itself is hard to find, are definitely more truthful people.

For once, they keep to their promise, because they can't confirm with the other person about plans throught the phone, but instead just go by the other person's word. Secondly, they are definitely more punctual. Perhaps. Because they can't call the other person waiting saying that they are "on the way". Besides that, it would definitely be hard to trace a person that you have lost. So everyone would definitely appreciate each other more.

But hey, I am going pro-handphones here. It still is a great tool and means of communication.

However, no matter how great a handphone is, it is not of any use if :

a) The handphone has no battery in them

b) You left the phone at home when you are going out.

And I did both of them today. (The handphone was at low battery, and I accidently left it at home T_T)

So I felt how it was like to be living and just trusting a person's word, and be more punctual then days before. :P

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