Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I guess she is right

Right. So this is going to be a war of words i guess in the end.

I was wondering real bad, what triggered Mr. Jack to be so pissed off before this.

Then I understood. The phrase "To Kill A Mockingbird". As in "to kill".

Okay let me explain to u further Mr. Jack.

I know that the blog entry you wrote before was from your friendster.

I knew you because of that blog entry.

If I'm not wrong I did left a blog comment for that blog, saying how you should not judge a whole community, a.k.a medical students just by one blog.

But the 'keep on feeding your egoistical facade' foot note. I knew it was for me.

I mean like duh. My blog's name is 'Behind the egoistic facade.'

And I did wanted to be friends.

Since you said that I am unlike you because I am a 'killer' huh, telling people how I felt that I wanted to kill you and all?

Firstly, that book "to kill a mockingbird", there were no birds in it. There were killings how ever, but none referred to the bird.

I was seriously just taking the phrase literally because it sounded nice, and not because I wanted to kill you.

I'm a medical student for God's sake, and I am supposed to help people heal.

Then I admit, it was my mistake using that title. I could have used another title. Such as "Alice in Wonderland" and change it to "Sparrow in wonderland."

Would you still be pissed off? I guess you would.

Since you have been posting comments for my few previous entries, (yup. I know, my blog isn't like yours, you probably have a gazillion hits more than I do every single minute, let alone every single day.)

I put the title "to kill a mockingbird" literally to say, how much despised I was that the blog entry was made in such a way like mine.

But I meant it when I said that it is a start to a new friendship.

*yeah, so now I'm a killer and a liar too huh?*

And you just have to go on and on saying about how I probably lost some contract with some people and so on?

Right. I know my writing isn't that good.

I know I'm writing just for fun.

However I didn't know that that phrase "to kill a mockingbird sparrow" would hurt so much.

To me it was a title of a book. A book that I really liked. And I just used the phrase. But I didn't mean that I would want to kill you.

So we are not the same. (Earlier before, I meant we are the same as in we are both egoistic.) But fair enough, I'm the egoistic one here because I have the freaking facade at my blog.

The last time I remembered everyone still inhaled oxygen to live. Everyone still needed blood to be pumping through their veins. Everyone still needed to have physiological bowel movements and passing urine.

*so i'm a killer, a liar and a mutant now huh?*

Well whatever, so I removed the freaking blog entry that pointed out to you about that thing you did, which seem so minute compared to that one blog entry you wrote about me, emphasising the detail of what I said, and whatever.


Do what you want maestro.

What are my words compared to yours?

After all, you're the one who reads all the journals and is very interested in medicine, unlike most of the medical students (whom me included - were kinda forced into the programme because of our parents).

So I'm the meanest bitch because I blogged about wanting to kill a sparrow. I would have sent people to kill you instead of pasting in the blogging arena for the whole world to see.

You can dissect every single mistake I made in the past 24 hours, that's for sure.

You can read more medical journals than me that's for sure.

But could you really understand how a medical student think just by hanging out with the person a few times, moreover by just a few exchange of sentences over ym?

*it's so easy for you to write this sentence : Maybe you forget why you do not receive as much. Maybe you forget that you do not give as much. Maybe you forget that is why.*

Yup. This blog entry is especially for mr.jacksparrow.

Maybe I'm not the first person to volunteer to fly over to the Gaza strip when the war between the Israel and Palestine occured.

Maybe I'm not the first person to help the blind man cross the street and into the bus.

But to judge me just by one blog entry? Just by that one phrase? Just because it hurts you that much?

*yeah, it doesn't matter if other people hurt, as long as you're not*

And like I said earlier, do what you want in your blog. Even if it involves dissecting my every mistake of even going to your blog in your first place, and reading your blog entry which looks almost like mine (and you admitted it too), and deleting the blog entry, and putting another entry about my wrongdoings, and about a gazillion other things I guess which could relate to me, because I'm a medical student.

Do what you want. But thing is I can't say I don't care, because I do care. I tried to move on from writing this freaking blog entry, but I can't because I do care. And I'm ending up not writing my freaking case write up which I'm supposed to sent to my supervisor tomorrow, because I do care about what you write about me.

Another fellow coursemate warned me about this happening, how you will always be the last one standing at the end of.. well.. any disputes?

I guess she is right.

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