Sunday, March 15, 2009

Carpark tales

I went to Mid Valley yesterday, after months of convincing the room mate to accompany me to the road to fitness. :)

So after the gruelling workout (as if :P), we went for lunch and window shopping (tak leh spend banyak2, nanti pegi elective kering jekk).

By the time we were leaving the mall, it was almost 5pm. The time where carparks would be full, and everyone who just came in their cars would be looking, frantically searching for a parking slot.

There we were, walking towards the room mate's car, and everyone in their cars were looking for where we were heading. Like, literally looking at our every move to see where we were heading.

Lucky for this two dudes, whose car happen to be directly near the room mate's car.

What makes it different than other people waiting for the parking slot, was that this dude and the dude in the passenger's seat was practically smiling to the ears when they saw us going into the car.

Kalah joker weh.

And when the room mate pulled out, they actually keep on waving to us, signalling whether the car hit their car or not, and when we drove on, they actually waved us good bye. (The only thing missing was any scenes of flying kisses :P)

Gile ar.

My room mate was so fascinated by what the two dudes did, that she missed the entry to leave the mall, and we went in circles for a while, before leaving the mall heading to Kg. Baru.

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