Monday, April 6, 2009

Emo jap

The exam is near. Which is practically a cue for me to stay at the table more, spending hours reading, revising over and over til I feel like vomiting. Seriously.

Studying medicine is 40% hardwork and persistence, 35% reading, 20% going to hospitals for experience and 5% fun. (roughly) -- came for knowledge of healing, staying for the fun

That would be my equation. You'll go reading and reading until you could actually feel your eyes roll to the back of your head.

That is why, during times near to exam, I would try best to keep to myself, and most importantly not try to offend anyone.

I am one of those people who believe in karma, as one lecturer of mine, the dearest Dr. R had mentioned, (not in her exact words, but I summarized it) " If you have been good to people all the while, during the exams it will show. You might get a case which you are very familiar with, and get examiners who are okay. That is just how it goes. "

That's why I could not comprehend the actions of SOME other people who just wants to offend others when it is close to the exams.

Maybe they find it fun, and interesting.

And most people might think that those who learn to be healers would actually have great personality and attitude too, but it doesn't work that way. I have met some of the worse people in my life in this medical school (so far, my almost four years of being here), and these are the people who are going to treat your very ailments when you are sick. (Unfortunately the syllabus doesn't teach you manners, yo)

How crazy is that? Wouldn't you be afraid that they might just stick a freaking syringe at your carotid and instead of healing you kill you instead because "they were having a bad day".

Despite how I appear to be, my heart is actually quite easily hurt, I am easily affected during stress. And I could not concentrate well if I'm hurt.

However, this time around, I seriously don't give a fuck. Say whatever shit you have to say, scribble as much as you want in red ink on the freaking whiteboard, I don't give a damn. It has not been an easy task to sleep under the same roof with all you, but I did it anyway. I pray that all of you pass you exams so I don't have to look at your faces anymore.

*takes a deep breath*

Now, back to study. Kuching awaits yo.

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