Monday, April 27, 2009

I am now

.. in UNIMAS Kuching campus, hogging on their internet connection. Huhu.

Yeay baby, passed the exams and flew to Kuching two days ago! On MAS, and boy I was lucky to get on an Airbus (we don't get airbus often for domestic flights yo :P), and went lepaking with cousins for the weekend.

Wanted to do some retail therapy, but figured that I shouldn't go on spending every single ringgit in my bank account in one day. Haha! :)

And I just finished my first day electives, the doctor attached to us was a waaaayyyyy cooooollllll physician! Telling us to go around Kuching, telling us where to eat and where to hang out. :p Hahahahahahahhahahaha.

Keh. Probably would go for some seafood tonight. :P

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