Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ask me a question...

... but, I might not be able to answer you. Heh.

So much for asking me the question in the first place, huh?

Through out the postings I had in 4th year, I've gotten used to the fact that my face has that statement written on it, the statement "Ask me a question"

Why do I think so?

In O&G posting for instance, every single time we have a class with Dr R, without fail, my name would be the first to be called out to answer a question. Without fail.

And even in Peadiatrics posting, during a visiting lecturer was giving a lecture on common orthopedic problems in children, my name was also called out first to answer the question. And many other questions following the initial question.

Not to mention those times where I would be approached by strangers along the way when I am walking to the hospital or to Grand Seasons (where our lectures are given), asking about which direction to go to get to their destination.

Well, whatever.

That statement also goes out for the recent examinations I had just finish.

With my examiner asking me multiple questions, some I could answer and some which I couldn't. T_T *sigh*

But I guess I never did regret anything I've done in the examinations, I've tried my best to outperform myself (my previous examination records I mean). :P LOL

I'll be flying off to Kuching in a matter of two days (hopefully!), and will be starting my 6 weeks of electives (and fun!)

It just came to me that the very start of the electives means the end of the fourth year. And the starting of the fifth year. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Scary! Becoming the seniors! And soon to be doctors!

I can barely believe it. I could still remember my first posting in fourth year in Psychiatry, meeting troubled patients, facing the dean of my faculty for my exams. Then I proceeded on for Family Medicine, and on to Community Medicine, where I spent 6 weeks in Kuala Pilah. That was definitely memorable. (Trips to Jeram Tengkek, the barbeque sessions, the gossiping, the trip to Port Dickson)

Then I got back to KL, geared up for the busiest posting ever in fourth year, O&G. Spent a lot of time reading, slaving hours in the labour room in the hospital to get a chance to fully deliver babies, and trying to catch up to the pace our lecturers expected us to be. It was freakingly hectic. Not to mention emotional. There were countless of times where I was so stressed out I could cry at mere actions. 10 weeks of sheer stress and it was a wild, wild rollercoaster ride.

I moved on to Pediatrics, meeting babies, children and adolscent patients. From not even knowing how to hold a baby, or to interact with children, I'm pretty good at it now. This posting really changed my perspective of this little kids, I used to think they were just real loud. And troublesome. But maybe I just didn't know how to handle them. :P

Every single posting had an end posting exam.

And I had my last end posting exam yesterday. For fourth year.

Time pasts by so fast.

Along the whole fourth year, a few coursemates have gotten engaged, and some planning weddings in the very near future.

Everyone's personality seems to really shine during this year.

Some great, some not so likable.

But personality as it is, never the less.

I've thoroughly enjoyed the whole fourth year, despite being reduced to tears a few times this year, breaking the egoistic facade :P But I guess it has really made me grow up. And realize how hard it is to survive in this world. There will always be people watching your every move, waiting for that single mistake to happen, so you will tumble to the ground.

Whatever it is, I'm hoping for the best in the coming elective posting, and the best for the coming final year.

Bottomline : 4 years in medical school and counting yo. :)


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