Friday, June 12, 2009

And so they say

A short break from the "places I've visited in Sarawak posts". Yesterday, I had the opportunity to catch up with a few pals in Mid Valley. After a 2 hour plus karaoke session, where everyone was off pitch, and a glass was broken (not due to someone's voice ok, but my friend, B accidently pushed it off the table on to the floor), we went for a movie "Blood, the last vampire", where we came in 30 minutes late. Yeah, a fucking 30 minutes late weh. And everything I watched doesn't really make sense after that. :P

Then we were sitting down, gossiping, 3 girls and 1 dude (pity the dude, he must have been cursing himself again and again in his heart, wondering why he agreed to follow me :P) Us being girls, talked about shoes, bags, clothes, boys, and most of all, bitchfitting other people. Well, what else do you expect? When more than 1 girl get together drinking coffee or cocoa, there is bound to be gossiping or bitchfitting happening.

Finally, on our way back, the dude, A, told me "You girls are so predictable. Always talking about shoes, bags, boys... boys... Even when I'm going out with other girls it is the same way. Just now when you girls were bitchfitting about that dude, I knew I couldn't back him up. Even though he's a guy. Because you girls would all say that he's the mean one, and I would get shouted at for sure. "

Then I asked him "If girls are so predictable, how come there's still so many guys who are so blur and couldn't read girl's expressions in this world?"

A kept quiet, and just moved on with other topics after that.


Mighty Jacksparrow said...

that prediction is based on general patterns seen in women. in psychology we see it as generalizing facts. but when it comes to detail as per individual, it differs from numeric zero to anything but negativity on any negative axis.

we men see patterns in many women. but individually, well, that's where the calculation gets tricky.

- e n i g m a - said...

i like this! sgt setuju!!

Farah W said...

jack : nicely said. :)

azlin : :D

nurul said...

he said that! haha.

well he better got that i mean ur quote) right.