Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jong's Crocodile Farm, Siburan

This crocodile farm is about an hour's drive from Kuching. I thought it only displays crocodiles, but it actually is a mini zoo.

Yeah. The model was that damn big.

Saw this.

More of it.

Sun bears.



The monkey actually posed for the camera yo.

Bear cat : Half bear, half cat. :)



Tail-less crocodile

Too many crocodiles. After going for the crocodile farm, I could never go to a river and not think if there is any crocodiles there, ready to bite me. :P


ayumin said...

Are you doing blogposts on every place we went to in Swak? Coolness. I nak buat gak, tapi cam malas. Hehe.

Farah W said...

ayu : i was thinking about doing it eversince in kuching, tapi got no internet connection. Since I'm having soooooo much time now, with no moo-lah for me to go out.. dok kat dpn laptop berblog la nampaknye :P