Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Post from deep down in my heart

I can't believe I'm actually feeling this way. As the days are passing by, and it gets nearer to the opening of the semester, which means I'll be going to Serdang for my final year, I actually feel a bit sad. Sad because *cough* I wouldn't be in Kampung Baru. *cough cough*

I can't wake up late and walk to the hospital or come back to the hostel any time I want anymore.

I can't go back at hour I want anymore. (The college in Serdang has a curfew. Damn!)

I can't walk less than 20 feet away to get a good meal or just buy a can of Coke.

I don't have a wide variety of food choice.

I don't have the luxury of walking 5 minutes to the nearest LRT station which is Kg Baru Putra LRT.

Damn, I never knew I would miss the hostel in Kg Baru this much. After all I spent one year of my life there, the walls heard all the curses I've said, all the secrets I've poured out, the carpet was where I walked, the bed was where I lay down at night sleeping, or wondering or on my phone chatting.

Long gone are the days where I can open the door and see KLCC bright and clear, the beautiful neon lights shining.

The view from my room back then

I can't see the fireworks for Merdeka for free again this year. Or free fireworks for the new year?

Why do we have to move again this time? *sigh*

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HaNi said...

i feel the same. plus serdang dah takde continous internet..huhuhu