Monday, June 29, 2009

25 random facts about me :)

I've been tagged by Miss Anot. I think I've been tagged this very same "25 randoms" by Azlin before (betul tak Mama?) Well here it goes.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!

1. I was born on 25th November, almost 10 days before my due date 5th December. I guess I couldn't wait to meet the world.

2. My queen sized bed at home is half covered by teddy bears given by ex-es and close friends. I guess I seem tough on the outside but I'm actually quite a softie at heart. Tee-hee.

Part of them. :P

3. The colour of my laptop now matches the colour of my room at home. Yeah, my room is painted pink. *another softie point* :P

4. I spend a lot of money on good food, like Chilli's, Carl's Junior, TGI.... then the money in my bank account usually depletes before the end of the semester. :'( I've been trying to save since I realized this fact btw. :P

5. I love cats. :D

Me and my cat Bonnie

6. I love driving, it helps me think. And I drive a manual car ok. :P

7. I could spend hours on the computer playing computer games, or in the arcade.

8. I enjoy watching 'The Big Bang Theory' series so much more than watching 'House M.D'. I feel like I'm attending a lecture when I'm watching House. Therefore I would tend to get sleepy and doze of to sleep. *And if Sheldon is out of the show, I'm sure The Big Bang Theory is no more* The Big Bang Theory is the bomb weh.. It lifts up my spirit whenever I'm down, listening to all those jokes. :P

9. My idea of Prince Charming back then when I was in high school used to seem like one of those J-Pop stars, but now it has somehow evolved to look like Jehan Miskin. Or Shia LaBeouf. I like the scruffy look ya-all. The beard thingy. (Btw I've been following Shia since Even Stevens on Disney Channel -but he just seems like an annoying kid back then) Muahaha. :P

Shia LaBeouf

10. Sometimes I would act really cold towards a person I just met, especially if I know the probability of meeting the person again would be very, very small. Why build bridges to connect with these people when you know it's going to be broken in the next 10 minutes? I couldn't bear with the pain. That's why I would rather be cold in the first place.

11. I like pain, but not heartaches. Rather, I prefer to feel the pain from piercing (and I'm not talking about ear piercing here) or from working out. That pain, is worth it. :)

12. I have a few favourite colours, topping it off was blue (besides that I like purple and white). Now, it has evolved to become red (But I still like blue, purple and white). :P

13. Everytime I have holidays, I would buy a few novels to read during the holidays. I usually end up finishing these novels before the semester starts. My favourite author of all time is Sidney Sheldon, but now I've shifted my attention to novels written by our fellow Asians, such as Amy Tan, Natsuo Kirino, Amir Muhammad, Tunku Halim and so on.

14. I enjoy watching comedy so much more than I enjoy watching thriller movies, or romance. My all time favourite romance movie would be "Definitely, Maybe". :D My all time tear-jerker movie would be "Click". Who could expect that Adam Sandler the comedian would be acting in a movie that caused me to cry through out??

15. I enjoy the sound of the strumming of the guitar. It just hits the right notes in my heart. Damn. If a guy strums a song for me using his guitar, I would probably fall for him that very second. *sigh* I also have a thing for classical music, such as piano pieces, or violins, or even the orchestra. I am sappy like that yo. Going to Kinokuniya in KlCC brings me to a little piece of heaven, because they are always playing some piano piece on.

16. I've always wanted to have curly, long hair like Miley Cyrus (did I spell that right?), but I never kept my hair as long as that to perm it, and even when I did perm it, it was such a hassle to take care I then chop it off. T_T

17. I love cooking! If I can have it my way, I'd like to cook every single time I eat! I enjoy baking too. The only thing I've ever baked are brownies, cakes and cookies. So that's pretty good right? And I like to experiment when cooking. Somewhat like the rat in "Ratatouille" huh?

18. My dream car would be a Mini Cooper. Damn, I like the look of this car. Very sleek. Everytime I get to see one, or pass by one in the parking lot, I wouldn't stop but check the inside of the Mini Cooper. But I also like the look of the X Trail. Hurm. Hard to pick. But I still like my car.

Mini Cooper

19. I name the stuff that I have. My car : Brandon. My old lappy : Kimberly. My new laptop? Haven't given her a name yet. Yes it is a her. Coz she's pink! Huhuhuu. I'll think of a name. My handphone? I haven't given her a name yet too. It's a girl too. Coz I'm gedik like that yo. :P *yeah, you can go puke now* :P

20. When I'm so pissed off, I would tell my besties about it. If I'm even more pissed off, I'd blog about it. If the level of pissed off is more than that, I'd just go to sleep. Sleep = medicine. And I'll wake up to a whole new day to look forward to, something new to hope for, something new to believe in.

21. I tend to fall a lot. And get my ankle sprained. I've sprained my ankle a few times actually. Thing is, I usually fall when I'm wearing flats, instead of when I'm using stilletos, or anything at least 3 inches high. I guess I am out of balance. :P

22. I'm a people person. I need people to help me feel good, to feel alive but then again, I always get upset too due to other people. I guess that's life, you get the good and the bad of everything. What I'm saying here is, I'm not an island. Living alone is possible, but it would be hard to get through. I appreciate my family and friends. Having them around makes life easier to get by. Love them lots. :)

23. I don't eat durian. I don't eat budu or cencaluk. I don't eat a lot of stuff actually. Haha. Choosy je lebih.

24. I grew up being a tomboy so even now when I'm a young adult my clothes are not that girly. I thought that I would never wear heels (like ever!) but I changed my mind. Huhu.

25. I want to go places later on when I have the money. US, UK, Japan, France and so on. And of course I'll bring my family along. What is vacation without anyone else to share the happiness with right? :)

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ayumin said...

Shia is short!
But I somehow find him HOT too. Ngahahahhaaa he's just so dorky and comel laaa sukeeeee