Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No excuse

I was sitting with a friend one day in a famous coffee shop somewhere along the city area. We were catching up on what we missed out throughout the years and so on.

He mentioned something about the H1N1 virus spreading in his area(Malacca), as the number of positive cases are increasing by the day.

"Did you know the story about the cadets in my area being positive for H1N1?"

"In Malacca? Near Lendu area is it?" I said.

"Lendu.. No No! This is not UiTM la. The state director general of health even came to see us. It was all over the news. How come you don't know about this?" he asked further.

And so I went on saying that the hostel that I'm staying (Damai area, nearby the KL city center) does not have any 'proper' internet connection, and I did not have access to any television as well, thus not knowing about the uprise cases in his area.

He sipped his coffee, then looked at me and said "So they don't sell newspapers at your hostel area huh?"

Damn. :P

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