Saturday, August 22, 2009

Turn Tables Around

I was in an elevator one day, in Gardens, and I was late to meet up with my friends. After an almost 30minutes search for a parking space, I was already pissed off, and I was very irritable. Finally I found a parking slot at the roof area, and I made way to the elevator and met a young, Indian gentleman. I let him enter the elevator first, as I wanted to check out my appearance before meeting my friends, so I decided to wait for the next elevator.

I got into an empty one. As the elevators in Gardens were all clad with mirrors, I was able to check out my reflection, and I was straightening out my hair, and reapplying lip gloss. Suddenly the elevator door opened, and there was the young Indian gentleman again. At that point I was thinking, should I stop what I was doing, and just pretend he didn't see me being vain? Instead, at a split second, I decided to just continue straightening out my hair and check out my reflection. Because I thought, since he already saw me being vain, why bother trying to correct his impression of me??

So this gentleman went into the elevator, and after like a few minutes of silence, and me still checking out my reflection, he said "Cukup-cukupla tu, dah cantik dah." In which I just laughed. So much for trying to cover my vanity :P He kept the conversation going by asking whether I was meeting my boyfriend, what will I be doing, what movie I was watching bla bla bla. As we started engaging in the conversation, the elevator stopped at the floor I was supposed to go, so I went off and said goodbye.

I guess if I actually stopped what I was doing, it would make the situation a lot more uncomfortable rather than what actually happened. :P

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