Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For better or for worse

My friends and I went to one of the medical wards in the hospital. We saw this patient who was transferred from a different ward into that ward.

My friend, H, who is a Chinese proceeded to read his case notes. Thing is, we saw this patient before in our very own ward, (we went to a different ward this time), and he seemed really thin and sick. This time around he seemed a bit fleshier. But still drowsy.

Then this patient who is also Chinese talked to H in Cantonese.

He replied. Upon the second question, my friend's face changed, he muttered something under his breath and he brought us out of the ward.

Without further ado, he explained, "That uncle asked me what is his illness. Then I said to ask the doctors. Then he told me, 'Just give me an injection. Let me die'. I just answer some rubbish statement, because I didn't know what to say"

I was speechless.

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