Thursday, September 3, 2009

After a long pause from blogging, it just seems so hard to start writing again. Everything seems to come out differently than I intended, and I thought if I never tried even placing words together to form sentences, maybe I could actually end up unable to finish even one paragraph.

I'm now in my 2nd posting in the 5th year, Psychiatry. Yeah, 2 weeks of posting basically to refresh our memory on what to ask the psychiatry patients, as our lecturer puts in, we have one in five chance to get a psychiatry patient in our professional 3 exam (our main final exam in May 2010). It may sound very far away, but really, it isn't. :(

Besides that, we are already in the 2nd week in the Ramadhan month, that means 2 weeks more to go before the Raya celebration, which means no more holidays after that and full concentration on studying :(

It has been majorly emotional for me the past few days, I've been feeling so upset about petty things, I watched 'UP' and cried rivers, like literally. Rivers, man. I know it's an emotional story, but the people I went with didn't even shed a single tear. I must have some issues I guess. Hah~
And the worse part is, after crying that much, my head actually hurts with a throbbing headache. Like what?? So much for the so-called tough front.

And as always, blame it on the hormones. Urm.... right.

Well, just hope I can snap out of feeling so blue soon. Why be sad when there's a gazillion reasons to be happy??

Yeah. Tell that to a majorly depressed patient and get tears back. Ha~

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chill~, surgery rilex je