Sunday, October 11, 2009

1 engagement + 3 open houses

The whole day was spent eating. I actually felt tired and sick of looking at food by the time I reached home at night.

Started off the day attending Wanny's engagement (yet another one getting hitched soon), then proceeded to attend another 3 open houses all over Klang Valley.

Could anyone look more similar to Dato' Siti Nurhaliza??

Then we drove off to Sarah's house in Kelana Jaya area. On the way there, stuck in a jam. On the way back, stuck in a jam as well. *tiring*

Then moved on to Husna's home, in Sri Kembangan, but didn't snap any pics. My camera was almost out of battery, and everyone seemed very tired already, and we were rushing to make it to the last open house, Hazney's, in Setiawangsa. Stuck in another traffic jam on MRR2, reached Hazney's around almost 8pm.

Reached home and slept almost immediately.

Recalled an acquaintance who mentioned this statement "What's so great about open houses? What is so great about sitting around eating?"

At that point when that acquaintance mentioned this, I didn't answer anything, because I didn't want it to become a huge argument because of our different opinions.

You know what's so great about open houses? The fact that we could sit around, not only to enjoy great food, but to enjoy each other's company, catch up on life and whatever moments we had missed. In the hectic world that we live in today, food is the main component of what brings us together, we talk over food, we tell people about the details of our lives, our worries, our hopes and want we want in the future over a meal. So that's what great about open houses. The fact that it brings people together, not only the Muslims, the Malays, but in fact a whole community. Even though the calories that we eat may well be seen later on in the deposition of fat on our bodies, but sometimes, it may just be worthwhile because the moments we enjoy when we are consuming the calories. *and besides we could always burn the calories later on during exercising*

And mind you, later on in life, it would be harder to share stories unless it is through this way (over a meal I mean). And that, is my opinion.

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