Friday, October 9, 2009

Every single thursday night, I would transform from the happy :D to a total prick, trying to invade everyone's precious moments of the night with continous texting, calling or just plain talking. Thursday night is like friday night in my dictionary, cos friday means I can go home and be a happy :D all over again.

For almost 3 weeks now, this is the pattern of mood.

Sunday : All hyped up to go to college and study for monday class/ lectures / bedsite tutorials.

Monday - Wednesday : Read, read, read chapters in the books, go to wards in hospitals, try to attend everyone's bedsite tutorials, try not to sleep in class, drinking down cups of nescafe to stay awake in the process, trying to sleep at least 5 hours per day.. bla3x

Thursday : Morning - Read up chapters before heading to the hospital.

Night : Feel bored of the whole routine, then tries contacting friends via ym, sms, voice calls and watching a whole load of movies throughout the night. Then feel guilty when the clock strikes 11pm, cos I've been doing nothing but sitting in front of the laptop all night long and not reading.

The effing final exam is in 29 weeks yo!! Shit, after this week ends, it would be 28 weeks left!! 7 months more in the final exam to become the DR!!

Yet on thursday although I remind myself this fact constantly, I still just can't get the facts through my head. Or thick skull.

Watching everyone else study makes me even more pissed off, because they can read and try to place the facts in their head that would come out easily upon any question and answer session later on. Or maybe they are just staring at the books with their minds wondering off else where. Heheheh.

And the fact that I'm already posting up a lot of posts in a week goes to show how much my mind has been wondering off. Damn it.

I hate it when this happens, but yet again, it does happen. Every single week, like a routine.

It's friday morning, I just woke up, yet I feel like I want to sleep in again. I know I have to dress up to go to the hospital but I don't feel like it.

I just don't feel like doing anything basically.

Just feel like sitting down and watch as my adipose tissue adds up with continous meals. :P

LOL!! Need to go swimming soon before I go mad. Swimming helps me calm down. I used to like going to gym, it's like an effing cult, everyone goes there to tone down or lose weight, faces so straight up serious when using the equipments. There's also hot (maybe almost all gay) guys who are oh-so-buff to watch at when they are working out. Hehe~

Unfortunately at my swimming pool area we don't have those effing buff hunks no more. :P

Anyway, I'll just move my ass from the seat, go bathe, and go to the ward, finish my work off, then head off home, and I'll be more sane.

Have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, and almost 80% of the agenda involves eating. Yeah, you got that right, open house. Actually not 80% la, more like 50% cos the other 50% revolves around gossiping about other people, yet another thing I'm good at. :P LOL.

Okay, off to the bathroom!

p/s : I tried changing my blog template yesterday night, and ended up deleting all the side bars including blog urls of people I read. Damn it. They don't teach me how to change blog templates in medical school :P LOL. Will get them up as soon as possible.

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