Sunday, October 4, 2009

The first weekend celebrating Syawal in KL, and I spent almost 1 hour plus driving to Banting with Hazney, my coursemate to attend another dear coursemate's sister's wedding. Thank God for the invention of GPS, where I didn't get lost, just a bit late. Google Map boleh masuk laut ar skrang ni. hehe~

Along the way there were a few accidents, causing major traffic jams. Driving a manual has its challenges too~

Then we head to Azlin'z home in Klang, I thought it would be very far away, but it was just about another 15minutes drive from Ayu's home. At about 4 o'clock, we drove back to KL.

30 minutes after driving off KESAS, we reached Bandar Tasik Selatan area and the cars were moving foot by foot in a traffic jam. Yeay KL, what is Syawal without your much awaited traffic jams right? *cough cough*

There were plenty of motor vehicle accidents, shattered glass all over the road, and the passengers standing beside their cars were mostly clad in Baju Melayu and Baju Kurung. Therefore, I could summarize that the traffic jam was caused by people who are going to open houses all over KL? :P

Well, whatever it is, there's 2 weeks left in Syawal, and there is plenty of open houses to attend, please be careful on the roads!! Especially with the downpour in KL nowadays.

Bloated la. *burp*

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