Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Situation : me bored to death in my hostel room before hitting the books, thinking about day's events, and yesterday's events, and then decided to send a text message to my bestie.

Text message goes like this :

"Hey. It's me again. Hee. Actually wanted to tell ya sumthin y'day.

U kenal x ex ***** nama ***** tu? Rmmbr back in hi skool? I met him in hkl y'day he's a final year med student in ******.

N he looks fantastic! I actually wondered how God has created such a good looking creature like him :P

he told me i lookd the same like back then, in his own words 'u never changed farah'.. is dat a gud thing or a bad thing?? do i still look stinky like back then?? haha~

amazing these good looking men, n how they can touch our hearts just by the sight of them, n probably make us wonder about them for the moment, n the memory about them wud linger for some time before going into our subconscious mind.. :P"

*there might be some typo, mind you it was a text msg, and yes, it was a long one, about 4 smses long :P*

And the reply went like this :

"Omg hun, u shld blog this msg hahaha."

so there :P

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