Thursday, December 31, 2009

23 things

Okay, 2010 is here. Thought about compiling a list about what I've done in 2009.

The ones striked out are untrue, but I wish I could have done it.
The ones in italic are those that I could still achieve/will be achieving in this year.
The ones in normal font, are definitely true.

1. I climbed up a mountain.

2. I brought a plus one to the medical dinner.

3. I am now at my optimum BMI/perfect weight for my height.

4. I lost my beloved cat, Nelly, whom I had since I was in Form 4.

5. I bonded with my relatives in Sarawak after 6 weeks of electives.

6. I fell for a guy who blew me off my feet, but I couldn't have a future with. Then, I went out with a boring guy who broke my heart to pieces. Consequently, I had my heart brought together back to a whole by a guy who is a ladies man.

7. I learnt how to swim.

8. I wore the sari for the first time.

9. I saw the very buff Taylor Lautner topless. ;)

10. I stayed in a room with no windows for 6 months.

11. I slept in the top bunk of a double decker bed placed in the living room, next to the kitchen of a tiny flat for almost 1 year.

12. I lent money to a person because I had a crush on him.

13. I changed my handphone again this year. I changed my handphone once a year for 4 consecutive years.

14. I study/revise topics everyday for my exams.

15. I spent RM700 on a stereo.

16. I am a certified healer.

17. I discovered 'Glee'.

18. I realized that trying to please others sometimes does not please me. So I decided that I don't have to do what other people expect me to do, but rather what I want to do. Trying to please other people leaves me being unpleasant in the end. But I just keep it all inside (being the Asian that I am). This will definitely change this year.

19. I still have some money in my bank account at the beginning of a new semester compared to the semesters before. (Yay! I can save money after all! :P)

20. I went snorkelling.

21. My hair is currently at waist length.

22. I went to Penang and tried all the famous tourist hawker food.

23. I went to the Great Serdang Debate in my university. Like finally!!

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