Friday, February 12, 2010

Can you feel the ray of sunshine from my smile?

I am walking on sunshine, literally. I feel free! Damn. That's sounds like crazy talk now.

Haha. I just finished orthopaedics examinations today. I got one of the fiercest lecturers as my orthopaedic examiner, almost cried when I knew I got her.

But, life must go on, no matter how bitter.

She was amazingly nice today! Seriously :)

So I was the first one to present my long case, she only gave me 30 minutes to clerk, didn't have enough time to do the physical examination, so we discussed more on how to do the physical examination, and the discussion went on to management of the patient.

The short case, was a bit.. urm, unpredictable. Fracture of the upper limb. Maybe in ulnar or radius. Not sure, because patient on back slab, whole fore arm in bandage with presence of external fixator. Discussion went to what else was injured - nerve la, then discussion went to peripheral nerve distribution.


Basicly, will be starting O&G soon. Will be seeing only women.

No more hot hunks with torn ligaments, or boxers with shoulder injuries..

And also, it is a reminder that the last posting is here, 3 more months to PRO 3!!

Yes, we can. Yes, we can. (the chant said everyday to self)

Have a few days before new posting starts. Will be spending a lot of moo-lah in this few days, that I'm very sure. Hehe.

:D can you feel the ray of sunshine from my smile?? :P

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HaNi said...

selamat berjumpa with emo preggy lady and emo non-preggy doctors.

and paeds is busy like seriously. so be prepared mentally. physical tau dah kuat.

EXAM!!!!!!! freak out tetiba