Saturday, April 3, 2010

Random Pictures

Realized that there was too much writing in this blog. No pictures at all. So although I have a lot of emotions kept inside of me, and writing about all of it is going to take all day, and no one wants to read about another emotional girl/doctor-to-be, I thought I would just put up random pictures. These are statements I stumbled upon, and I liked them, so I snapped them up using my handphone.

This one was a statement from a magazine I read in the library. It caught my eye as sometimes we fail to realize that only the best would do. We are easily contented with what we have, and do not strive for the best, although we deserve it.

The old saying goes that money is the root of all evil. It isn't! Money makes the world go round. People say that although you have all the money in the world, you can't buy happiness. I couldn't disagree more. Money can buy you happiness, to a certain extent. For instance, if you're upset, you can go out and enjoy a movie, eat good food, and buy things that you like, wouldn't you be happy? Of course, relationships on the other hand, is a whole different story. But it definitely can bring you happiness, to a certain extent. As the picture above says, money isn't evil. Just ask the good doctor doctor-to-be. :P LOL.

*note: This was actually an advertisement for a bank. Something about a doctor believing in the bank, and investing his money in it. And stuff.

"I don't care what it does, I want it". Definitely something a shopaholic lady or man would say during one of their shopping sprees. Shown in the picture is some toaster, I think.

This was taken from an advertisement about asthma medication, the inhalers and techniques how to use it. Often when we meet some one who takes our breath away, and we can't breathe, nothing else matters, and we think that we have found THE ONE. :P

Haruslah ada amik gambar cute guys as well. :P Although just from a newspaper cutting. :P
By the way, this is Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl, or better known as Chuck Bass.

And wait for it.....



Mestilah ada gambar Aizatku tercinta. XOXO
*yeah, you can go vomit now :P*

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