Monday, May 24, 2010

Good bye 'medical student'

Hell yeahhhhhhhhhh dah habis degree programme!!!

Okay, as I was typing that I couldn't believe it either. It is so surreal.

First and foremost, I'd like to thank God Almighty, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful on all the success bestowed upon us today. Next the ever dedicated lecturers of UPM medical school, who taught us through out the 5 years. My family and friends for the awesome support, and my coursemates, my colleagues, those who pushed me to the limit to bring out the best in me. And not forgetting, all those patients who had let me examine and clerk them all these years. Thank you for your time and your willingness to train me and my friends to become doctors for the benefit of the coming generation.

I can't believe I had spent 5 years of my life taking medicine in UPM - yeah, Universiti Putra Malaysia ye, not Universiti Pertanian Malaysia anymore (well it used to be, but now dah change name), or yet, not Universiti Penuh Manusia (walaupun our university is the one with the most amount of students at one place - excluding UiTMs around Malaysia la).

5 years of my life, missing movies or going out sessions with friends.
5 years of my life learning about how to make people feel better - emotionally and physically.
5 years missing precious time with my family, friends and most importantly, THE GUY WHO GOT AWAY. :'(

4 cases we are judged on during the exam. 3 short cases and 1 long case.
4 years spent in the new college - K17 , after we've been kicked out from the first college in main campus. :(

3 years of clinical work, where I learnt all about working with people.
3 years of asking myself again and again whether I really did want to be a doctor.
3 days of theory exams for Professional 3.
3 professional exams in 5 years.

2 weeks of study week, trying to absorb everything we've been taught in the 5 years.

1 awesome experience, which I wouldn't trade for the world. All the people I've met have been amazing, I feel so blessed to have met all of you throughout the 5 years I had in medical school.
So many times I felt lost, so many tears I've shed.. but I had all of you people, yeah, the coursemates, the friends to lift my spirits up. And most importantly, a better grasp and better understanding about the relationship towards God.

What I am trying to say now is, I am now officially a doctor.

p/s : I haven't been going online all this while because I would spend too much time on the internet that I couldn't concentrate studying. It's like coming out of the cave after the exams because I didn't even log on to facebook! HUUUU~ I haven't seen blog entries by friends or those I had been following, but I guess everything ends well.

My heart goes to those who didn't make it, be strong! Remember that God tests those who He thinks have the courage to undergo His tests.

As Winston Churchill once said - "Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm."

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Matematis Muda said...

pergh macam ucapan menang award hahaha tahniah tahniah