Monday, May 31, 2010

The Hair Conundrum Part I

Rambut adalah mahkota wajah.

Dan wajah adalah mahkota badan.

Okay, I made that up. I always thought so though. You look at the person's hair, then face, and proceed the his/her body. If pakai tudung and what nots, just proceed to face and body la right?

I've kept my hair relatively long since last year January, because I've always longed for waist length hair, and even if I can't achieve that, I wanted at least bra-length hair. (Hair ends at bra line okay)

I tried to maintain the look of this hair, but it was hard. Hair doesn't really follow what you want them to do you see. It sticks out at places you don't want it to, and it grows out of shape and so on.

The examinations came and went, and I never really got a decent haircut ever since December 2009.

Therefore, after watching this very picture, the one with me and Khir, I decided to go and cut my hair.

I was thinking about shoulder length would do for me. Long hair takes more time to manage, and time is something I soon would not have, due to work la. :P

I then went to the same place that cut of my hair in December, told the guy that I wanted shoulder length hair, just a little layer would do.

Little did I know, shoulder length means above the shoulder and little layer means layer all that you want.

And I knew that after he almost chopped of all my hair and I looked like some sort of Japanese tomboy wannabe. Seriously!

I was so angry, furious and sad at the same time, I rushed out of the shop, went to the toilet and looked at my image in the mirror.

Then I went back, and started wailing my heart out in front of the shop. I don't care about image no more. I wanted my hair back, the very hair this dude chopped off when I said shoulder length and a little layered. Shoulder length means shoulder length la, yang ko gunting sampai above the shoulder tu apasal?? And I said a little layered and you made me look like some sort of mushroom top?? WTF! And worse of all, this is the only time for me to meet all my friends before work, and I have to meet them in the new hair do??

Of course I made a scene! I made a scene large enough that the main stylist, the director whatever they call it, came to me asking what was wrong. I just cried away until my whole face was puffy.

Then she explained what some bullshit to cover her stylist's lack of comprehension of orders and tried to salvage my hair. But what was there to salvage? Any shorter I would look like a boy. FML.

But they did what they could do (unless they gave me extensions for free) and I was left with this hair cut.

Maybe the problem isn't that apparent to you in the above picture, because I tried to salvage it by tying it up in a half pony tail. While walking in Gardens that day, I kept on staring at the mirrors for my reflection. There goes my self esteem down the drain. :'(

Very pissed off that I kept crying. The worse part, I still had to meet my friends after the haircut which I hated, because they would be going back to their respective hometowns, and it would be hard to meet after the weekend.


To be continued.


HaNi said...

aaahhh cekik saje org potong rmbut tu

Farah W said...

anot : tu r, tapi kang kite jugak yg kena safe *sigh* benci!!!

- e n i g m a - said...

Huhu, teruk nye mamat tu!!!

Arifah said...

You do look cute though, I must say. It's not so bad. Cheer up dalr~ ;)

ayumin said...

amagadddddd so short.
takpe babe, you'll learn to rock it!