Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Hair Conundrum Part II

I did mentioned that I was meeting friends who were in KL for the weekend.

I was to meet this one good friend of mine, who met me the day before the hair cut, but didn't have much time to spend with each other, so we decided to meet again two days later - which is a day after I got the hair cut.

I told him that I just got a hair cut, and it was really short.

When I met my friend, he was looking at me, directly at my face, then said "Mana yang guntingnye? Tak nampak beza pon"


Nak amik hati tu berpada-pada la gak, rambut yang obvious gile beza length tu nak kata tak nampak beza apa-apa...

So we went to NZ (like the most popular mamak-ing area in Wangsa Maju) to chat.

I was pretty self conscious, so I kept running my fingers through my hair every now and then. Or more like every 5 minutes.

There was the large screen on, and we were watching a few advertisements running through, before the actual tv show starts.

At that point, came the new Sunsilk advertisement, about the 7 pakar rambut dunia bla3x, and we were watching the one with the Japanese specialist.

My friend then mentioned, "Patut gunting rambut dengan dia ni kan?", while holding back a chuckle.

I just smiled (forced), sighed and then turned to him. "Tu la.. dah pendek.. nak wat cam ne kan?"

He looked straight at me, then I saw his eyes shifted towards my hair, with his hand barely touching it and then he sighed, and then said "Tu la.. sayang"


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Nadira said...

Kak! Comel la rambut pendek tu..rocker-style cket ;)