Monday, June 21, 2010

Update much

Hurm. Mood nak update blog, but don't really have the idea what to write about. Or more like have some issues but don't want to share about it on the blog.

Kinda bored currently, friends are working, still waiting for posting letter and currently penniless so can't really do much, but stay at home, facing my laptop like 24/7.

Nak SMS orang pon, haish, malas ar. I guess I'm not that type of a person, those who keep up with people they know. I do la, to a certain extent, but I guess I never was that friendly.

Everyone seems to be getting engaged or married nowadays. Well, I'm glad they found their soul-mate/ significant other / partner la. I guess I just reached a point where I'm just like going with the flow.

It's hard when the person that you like doesn't like you back. :(

And those interested in you, you're not interested in.

Well, I'll just have to wait.

As they say, there's this thing that heals - it's called TIME. :P

1 comment:

Bicara Jiwa said...

We are totally trap in same kinda situation 'reach to a point like going with the flow' or in simple way 'da mls nak pkr!'