Thursday, June 24, 2010

Old times

Back then when I was in high school, Form 5 to be specific, I attended tuition at some house shop in Taman Melawati. Near to my home la. It started at about 6pm and ended at around 9pm. There was usually a break for Maghrib prayers in between. Usually during that time, I would head to the nearby grocery store, to get some drinks before prayers and heading back to class.

Of course, the this went on for almost a year until SPM actually came.

Just now, I went to the same grocery store (after so many years) to get newspapers and also chocolate milk.

As I went to pay, the uncle (the very same guy who took care of the cash register all these years) smiled at me.

"Dah lama tak datang ye?" he asked.

I just smiled.

"Yelah, pegi study kat Universiti, jauh dari sini" I answered.

(Jauh la sangat Serdang tu :P)

When he placed the chocolate milk in the plastic bag, suddenly he said

"You sudah kahwin ke?"

Like OMG.

Even that uncle knows I seem age-appropriate for marriage.

Didn't know what to answer so I just smiled and head out into the car.

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HaNi said...

get that question a lot lately too