Friday, June 4, 2010

Youth what?

After the whole hair fiasco, let's move on to the real life. Heheh.
Bestie graduated last Saturday.

Anyway, I had the chance to go to the Youth Convention 2010 done in PWTC. I went because, hurm, just because I could la basicly. :P

The whole place was filled with youngsters - as in those who have just reached puberty, or have just finished SPM. I mean, that's what their impressions were to me. And there were maybe a handful of those like myself present there, to check out the bands or either like me, to see the artwork, and also the bazaar - shopping time!! :D

And then there was the graffiti competition going on.
Tak larat la nak tunggu diorang siapkan. Tengok yang dekat 3/4 siap pon jadilah. :)

Yang lain-lain ni sume kat
art gallery.

In the end, got my self a pair of sandals (yang ni terpaksa coz my heels were killing me, definitely impulse buying :P), 2 t-shirts and a hair accessory. Didn't take the picture of the t-shirts though, but they are black. Typical me. :P

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