Wednesday, July 28, 2010

chantra chantra

This quote was from a looooooongggg time ago, when I was in first year of medical school. When I actually watched Grey's Anatomy. (FYI, I stopped watching it in the middle of season 2)

"He's an intern. Interns are basicly teenagers. We are not hard on them because it's fun. We're hard on them because this is a life and death job. They need to learn that. There's a reason why we have a picking order in the hospital. It saves lives" -Dr Miranda Bailey, Grey's Anatomy-

That's what I'm going through. I'm an intern. But I know they are hard on me because they don't want mistakes to happen. Mistakes that could cause death.

And yeah, that is the mantra I chant when people are screaming around me. :P

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