Thursday, July 29, 2010

Note to self

Just finished the 2 week tagging ordeal. Phew!
Of course la kena marah jugak during those 14 days, but I guess it's all to make me learn.
Buat-buat tak dengar sudah.
Tapi that one day kena marah sampai rasa nak nangis, thank God the colleagues helped out. :)
Having friends around during the tough times also helped a lot.
That's when I realized I really miss the comfort of my own home, knowing that my family are there to hear me out.
Glad that there are the 6 of us here, and we are not separated from one another. Still in the same ward and all. :)
So come what hurricane, it may be damaging, but wouldn't seem that bad after all.
Now, just trying to get to the pattern of working.
Earning money is tough.

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