Wednesday, November 10, 2010

yes, I'm can actually smile again.

It's amazing how the world seems so much more fabulous when you're in a good mood.
Yes, I am in a good mood.
I'm elated as a matter of fact.

Basicly because firstly, I finished all the tasks I'm supposed to do in my surgical posting, mainly the appendicectomies I had to perform before I head to the next posting I'm supposed to go to.
Secondly, I had just moved back into my own home, which was in renovation for the past one month. Staying at another person's home is never as comfortable as your own.
In addition to that, I've just got to know new people who have the same interest as I do. Awesome!

I'm also on a 3 day leave before the new posting starts. Waking up late is a luxury nowadays. :P
I also get to redecorate my home any way I want. :D

Yes. You can see how much I'm glowing just by all the positive statements I'm writing above.

Just as I'm writing, I'm also listening to one of my favourite songs, "For Her" by Reza Salleh.

I never thought I could feel as happy as this. I mean, I couldn't remember the last time I felt as happy as this. Even during my convocation period in KL back then early October, I kept counting the minutes left before I had to fly back to Kuching. It's hard to rebuild a new circle of friends and my life basicly with no guidebook what so ever.

But now I can say now, at this very moment, I'm no longer coping, I'm actually happy.

I so hope I could continue feeling this way as I move on to the next posting.

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