Sunday, December 12, 2010


Haven't updated my blog for quite sometime. Suddenly had the adrenaline rush to update after reading some of my high school mate's blog. Heheh.
Basically same ol news, now in Peadiatrics posting though. Tough man. The hours are crazy, and always have to be careful incase some idiot decides to sabotage you. Damnit!
I miss neurosurgery so much!!!

Anyway, I've completed the resuscitation programme, so now I'm able to resuscitate babies, kinda fun. Was definitely scared out of my wits initially, but now not that bad at controlling my fear as well. Afraid if not able to resuscitate the baby, the baby will die. :(

Hurm. Besides that, I kinda like someone, but so hard to find time to hang out. Damnit! Haish. Susah betul mau contact kamu yah?

Can't wait to be back in KL as well, booked tickets for January, but haven't send in my leave form yet. Gila betul right? And I have like 9 oncalls for the month, small amount compared to other people from different departments I think, but the stress of going on call in this new department? OMG. Like crazy. Time passes by so fast, but work is never done! No matter how hard you try. And suddenly the night turns into day, and another person is on call, and secretly in your heart you thank God because no one died during your oncall. Haih.

I miss swimming too. Haven't swam since started working. Maybe one of these days, because I'm able to go back at 5 nowadays.

Every morning I wake up, then I go "It's another day, another struggle, another challenge coming right up." I live by the day, can't really plan ahead. Everyday is a new war. And once the day ends, I am thankful I made it through.

Have assessment coming up in 2 weeks, and I think I know next to nothing. Only know about neonatal stuff, although I don't really know all about them either. Probably would be posted to general peads next month, every ward seems scary because of the boss factor. :(

Anyhow, one month gone and another 3 months to go. Hopefully everything goes on well. :)

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