Monday, February 21, 2011

the day I opened my mouth

Before this, one of my many big bosses decided to tell me about a short course regarding public speaking. After he elaborated further about the details of the course, he told me that it was for a 2 day duration and costs a mere RM25, and he immediately asked whether I was interested with the course.

Of course, I immediately say "No", as my weekends are always filled with work in the first place, and I'm not planning to use it going for this course, and secondly, I think that I'm pretty capable of getting my message through to people without having to learn how to communicate.

Then, big boss took the paper where I'm supposed to write my name in his hands, look me in the eye, and said "Sometimes, some people do not know the importance of something like this."

OMG! When I heard that statement, something in me just snapped! Me? Not knowing the importance of public speaking? Or of communicating?

I looked him in the eye, and said "I think I don't need this course. I represented my state in public speaking and got no 3 at a national level. Besides that I was also in debate in high school." Then I ended that note with a smile, or more like a smirk.

Big boss paused, looked into my eyes, kept silent for about 3 seconds, then said "Good for you then." and moved on with his life.

Old man, don't assume. Just because I don't answer back during rounds, doesn't mean I don't have an opinion you know? After all, being silent could also be an answer at times.

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