Wednesday, March 28, 2007

movie marathon

Got the opportunity to watch 2 movies in a row, "Stomp the yard" and "300"

Reasons to watch "Stomp the yard"
  1. awesome dance movies

  2. Okay story line : although the person you like has a gf/bf, do pursue man/woman wins baby!! :)

  3. "one word....BITCHES!!" ;p nuff said

one of the awesome moves


Reasons to watch "300"

  1. 300plus guys with 6-packs

  2. A lady who kills a bad man by one stab with a sword (woohoo!!)

  3. Majorly awesome storyline!!!!!!

spartans vs persians

king leonidas vs big bad wolf

the Queen

towards the end

the "hot" oracle

1 comment:

afie911 said...

Yeah I heard you guys went for that movie marathon. Jahat betul tak ajak me!!! Aaaaarrgghh!!! NAK IKUT! NAK IKUT! Hehhe. =D