Monday, September 3, 2007

New Books

I've always LOVED Sidney Sheldon's books. I'm not a hopeless romantic, but I do like a little romance in books that I read. Not until the whole book is about romance, and merely about how the girl is waiting for love and so on and so forth.(Something like Judith McNaught ;p) Boring!!

But too bad Sidney Sheldon passed away early this year, so I can never read anymore new books from him, (his last book was "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?") so I've decided to try reading work from some other authors. I've always been a fan of fiction, but I can read non-fictional stories too (after all blogging is almost always non-fictional, and I always enjoy blog-hopping), so I went around MPH Wangsa Maju that day trying to find a book that I might like (despite feeling guilty because I haven't been reading my medicine books that much, and I have the time to think about reading other books) and I stumbled upon books at the NEW section. The title of that one book really caught my eye, "HONK! If you're Malaysian". I picked up the book, browsed through a few pages, and realized it's not that bad (considering I'm just browsing through it) and because of the spirit of Merdeka and Malaysia Boleh, I decided to buy that book written by Lydia Teh (if I'm not wrong), and give it a try. I haven't started reading it yet by the way.

Then as I was about to proceed to the cashier to pay for this book and also the September issue of CLEO's magazine, a book at the corner of the NEW section caught my eye. The front cover shows a little boy in a white kopiah (and the picture was in black and white by the way) and 2 big circles in red and yellow stating the title of the book and the name of the author. It is the "I AM MUSLIM " by Dina Zaman. I decided to buy that book too, (even though not browsing through it) and then proceeded to the cashier. This is because I've heard some of my friends recommend that book to muslims who are trying to find themselves. After reading about 2/3 the I AM MUSLIM book, I realized they were right. I couldn't help but want to know what is written in that book, (couldn't put it down!!) and I could actually relate to some of the articles in it. It definitely is an eye-opener, and I'd recommend it to everyone who wants to know more about ISLAM, muslim or non-muslim. Currently I'm still trying to finish reading it, and hopefully I can start on Lydia's work soon.

I guess Harry Potter 7 could wait another few months. :D

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