Monday, September 24, 2007

Bout Ramadhan and Nurin Jazlin

It's the time of year again, Ramadhan. This is the time where all muslims cleanse themselves from sins of the whole year, start fasting and hopefully become a better muslim after that. Some how, every year in the fasting month, the first thing I think about after waking up (I don't usually sahur - as in eat in the morning before the fasting period starts after Subuh prayer calls) is what I should eat for breaking fast. Hahah. I even am too lazy to go out, as I'd be counting the hours to 5pm, where I can go to the Ramadhan bazaar in my area, Taman Melawati which I think is way better than those I've been to, such as Sri Serdang, Putrajaya, one in Kuching, the one in Kuantan (when I was in matrix), the one in Limbang (my dad's hometown), the one in KK (while waiting for connecting flight to Miri). That's why every year, I have the urge to go back home just to go to the bazaar. Don't blame me for being a picky eater, I've read somewhere that "Smart kids are smart eaters (picky eaters)". Haha.

Now the whole of Malaysia is buzzing about what happened to the young 8 year old girl, Nurin Jazlin Jazimin who was brutally murdered, sexually attacked by some psychopath, and her remains dumped in a sports bag somewhere. Now everyone is trying to place the blame on someone, the parents, the "jiran tetangga" who may have seen her alone but didn't do anything about it, the people in the pasar malam and so on and so forth. But I guess most of us are blaming the parents. Because of sheer negligence. But according to the newspapers I read yesterday, that time when Nurin went out to the pasar malam itself was the first time she went out alone. And the parents presumed that she went to the pasar malam with her sister, but her sister stayed at home instead of accompanying her, because Nurin said not to follow. The parents only realized she was not there when she failed to return home an hour later.

You can't blame the parents for what had happened. They may not be the best parents in the world, but they never asked for that psychopath to do all of those to Nurin. Probably when she went missing for almost a month, a part of their hearts already had accepted that she would probably be found dead instead of alive and well. Too bad many are now placing the blame on the parents. In fact, probably they are going to go to court for negligence which may have lead to the death of their daughter (which I think was the most beautiful one among the 3 daughters they have). Come one, Mr Jazimin and his wife are already in a bad state, losing one of their daughters, and now they are to face a court charge?? Let's just give them a bit of time to recover from the shock of losing one of their children.

Seriously, I don't know what is to become of the world today. People are busy trying to get Mr Jazimin and his wife in to court, while the psychopath who did this to Nurin is probably drinking teh tarik somewhere laughing happily while watching the news on them going into court.

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