Wednesday, September 19, 2007

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Okay. there's 3 weeks left till the end of medical posting. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!
Scary!!!! Although I've spent almost 9 weeks doing medicine posting, but sometimes I can be not sure of what I am doing and all. Damn! Like what I said to my friend earlier on today, "The surgery students are counting the days to go to medical posting, while the medical students don't want to leave the medical posting". *sigh*

Just shows that I have to read more, study more, go to the wards more, clerk more cases.. everything in excess!! Who ever wants minute portions of anything right??

A lot of things happened to me for the past few weeks. I've been enlightened. I understand a tad bit more about Islam. Thanks to a fellow friend who brought me to some "ceramah" thingy, it really did open my eyes. Real wide. It made me wonder, how far have our lives rotated away from the true Islam way of life?? Trying so hard to achieve the temporary pleasures in the present world, and forgetting the more important life we will be having after death which is based on our deeds on earth. What has happened to us?? Is it not enough that Malaysia is an Islamic country and we are free to practice our religion albeit some voices who critic our way of life? Is it not enough that every Muslim child in any school in Malaysia is exposed to Islamic studies for almost 11 years of their mandatory schooling life??

Answer is, sadly, no. Although most carry muslim names, but that's about it. They don't practice the 5 pillars of Islam, what more the right pathway of the Islamic life. I'm not a perfect muslim myself, but at least I am seeking knowledge instead of staying put and being ignorant about something I am not sure of.

Besides that, bad things happen too. I was harassed by a patient who asked me for my handphone number on the way back to my college, and I got a fine while driving because I haven't renew my road tax. Heh. (shakes head in disbelief again)

And I don't get some guys who think they are so good looking that they can just pick up and dump any girl at any time, and all they think about is how many relationships they've had in the past. Weird. Seriously.

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