Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hidup sebuah drama :P

I am listening to "I can hear the bells" sung by Nikki Blonsky from the OST of Hairspray. As always, kalo dah stat dengar lagu-lagu jiwang ni.. stat lah berjiwang2. (I don't care, I'm doing my blog in mixture of english and malay this time) Huish.. Seriously in this 2,3 days, I've been following my mood too much. Nak study, bukak buku. Baca sampai tak ingat dunia. Time pemalas and jiwang tuh.. Baring dengar lagu jiwang.. and start la otak tu pk macam macam.. adui.. balik la ke dunia!!!

But I don't care, it's all the unbalanced hormones I have right now, so just cut me some slack aite?? ;p Back then my friends and I said, when we are having a bad day, or having period pain we just absolutely have the right to be mad at whoever regardless --> chance nak jadi bitch for that one day la sebenarnye (and eventually saying sorry to whoever on our outburst after that) :D

Today there is all sorts of drama in the hospital. Firstly there's this one nurse who seriously annoys me. Boleh orang tanye die baik2 die jerit kat kite??? Like hello bitch, what is your freaking problem?? Rasa nak je jerit kat die macam tu, tapi obviously being at the lowest rank of the medical food chain I couldn't do that, so simpan dalam hati jelah. Jadi carik la her "faults" that I can kutuk (duh bitch fit la.. apa lagi).. what I can really notice is, muka die punya la putih, siap ngan eye shadow lagi (ok la eye shadow boleh la puji not bad actually) tapi, seyes kalo suruh die angkat tangan die tutup muka, sebelah tangan je pun, you would realise her hands kan are like ... 5 times darker than her face. That's what I call the case of orang yang terlampau banyak gune krim pemutih muka, ingat cantik ke muka putih macam tu kalo muka tu asyik in a pout je. Ces. Maybe die terpengaruh ngan si Fasha Sanda pakai Garnier tu sampai muka putih gile. Tapi kalo takat muka putih, tapi other parts of your body cam gelap nak mampus what for?? Lagi nampak cam tikus jatuh ke tepung adalah.

Then we were going for ward rounds, suddenly we came across this lady (not really that young.. middle aged around 32 years old), doktor tuh cam baik gile cakap, "Miss (bukan Miss la tapi kena cover nama die yang sebenar), miss, bangun kejap" Boleh die bangun tutup mata tau. Tapi duduk kat katil tu. Firstly, I thought she was blind tau. So I was like "oh, nanti boleh la clerk patient blind for the first time kan". Doktor tu suruh la die bukak mata. Rupanya boleh je bukak mata. --> drama je lebih :P . Die kan, doktor tanye macam tak dengar tau. So the doctor cakap la kuat-kuat sikit, tak sampai ke tahap jerit la, but just sounds like people talking la the sound. Boleh patient tu marah kata "Doktor. Janganlah jerit. Saya ni budak-budak lagi. Saya faham arahan." At that point I was like.. budak-budak? Bukan dah umur 32 tahun ke?? Weird. Then the doktor buat la check for power and tone for the upper and lower limb, then mase nak suruh patient tu angkat kaki die, doktor tu macam pegang la kaki die (at the knee part, bukannye meraba pun, takat just sentuh), tetiba die boleh jerit "Janganlah pegang! Anak dara orang ni! Jagalah tangan tu" Shouting okay. At that point, all my friends, the fellow medical students boleh terkejut, sampai that one dude tu actually jumped back a bit. Okay. Lantak la ko. Probably ngah period pain kot.

Then we went off to the next patient and so on and so forth la. Jumpe la this patient. I clerked her semalam, I wasn't sure of the diagnosis either, tapi to rule out renal colic la because her complaint was of pain at the posterior left flank radiating to the anterior left flank. Thing is, she is staying alone, tak de anak, dah 3 kali kahwin, 3 kali gak divorce. Pretty lonely la pendek kata. Jadi the test results dah keluar la kan daripada the investigations they did the day before, jadi they found out that one of the kidneys cam swelling. Probably a sign of glomerulonephritis or somewhat la. Bile doktor tu bagitau kat makcik tu, muka makcik tu dah berubah dah. And I dah rasa macam smacam dah. Suddenly she took the kain selimut, and covered her face and started to cry. Dengan teruk pulak tu tau!! Sedih tau tengok. The doctor cam dah biasa menghadapi keadaan macam ni, jadi muka die macam tak berubah pun, die terus pujuk la makcik tu. Cakap tak de pa pe sangat, kalo jaga tak lah jadi renal failure and so on and so forth. Pastu die jalan la go to the next patient plak. My colleagues pulak, terus pujuk makcik tu, tepuk2 bahu die, duduk kat sebelah die on the bed, and macam2. 3 of them did that. Me? I was actually stunned. Because I don't really know what to say or do to make her feel better. I just stood there, watching her cry, being consoled by my friends. I'll learn better next time I face a situation like that. I was just afraid I would be the one crying with her instead of trying to make her feel better.

Pastu ada la ikut ward round lagi. Kalo nak terangkan penyakit kat patient, takkanla nak cakap dalam bahasa saintifik kan, jadi as always, doktor tu pun translate la bahasa tu ke bahasa orang biasa or in medical terms we call it "layman's terms". Jadi doktor tu tengah cakap la kat patient tu something that goes like this "Sakit kuning kamu ni disebabkan oleh kuman. Kuman tu ada kat dalam limpa....bla3x"

And me dengan bangganye cakapla kat my friend yang chinese, "oh this dude ada jaundice. And have an infection in his liver."

At that point sorang doktor lain tu pusing and face me and cakap "limpa is spleen la. see how teruk your bm is." terus my friends around me sengih2 cam kambing. malu seh masa tu. dah la aku ni orang melayu. well quarter melayu. (dad = chinese + murut, mom = malay + melanau there fore me one quarter je melayu ;p ) haha. serious la. bm cam fail la plak skrang nih. One day I will try to fully blog in Bahasa Malaysia. by the way liver is hati in melayu.

All sorts of drama in the hospital, and they actually siarkan Cinta Medik kat tv?? Takat hidup pre-clinical je. Langsung tak sama langsung tau!! Mana ada budak medik sebegitu free macam tu. And most importantly, mana ada diorang dok library je lepak. Come on la. Cubela survey betul2 cam ne hidup medical student dulu. One of my coursemate actually said "tak betul la cerita ni. mana ada budak medik lelaki sehensem tu??!!! (tu as in Awal Ashaari)" haha. Terasa dak laki my batch. They're not ugly, but they're no Prince Charming k. You get the picture. Tapi ada la sorang due tu yang kinda cute in my terms. :P haha.

Life is a drama :D


ayu said...

Tapi ada la sorang due tu yang kinda cute in my terms.

hahaha. siapa??????? :P

Farah Waheeda said...

adala.. :D