Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Friends forever??

Since I was young, I've always read in books, or watch in films (especially those meant for teenagers) about once you made a friendship tie with someone, you will stay friends forever. Amazingly as years pass by, I couldn't help but notice how untrue this statement is. We change, and sometimes our friends can't accept the change and they just move on with their lives without us. So do we. As we can't accept changes that our closest peers undergo, (especially if that change involves one of the similarities that causes us to be close to that peer), we start looking for new peers, those who have a tad bit of similarities with us, thus dumping our old friends. So much for best friends forever.

To actually get a long lost acquaintance to actually greet us back and ask how we are doing makes a gloomy day turn into a bright one. There's a Malay proverb saying that goes "Jauh di mata, dekat di hati", but I always thought of it the other way round as "Jauh di mata, lagi jauh la di hati". Isn't that true?? Some of relationships have been broken due to distance.

But what happened to me the other day make me realize how wrong my concept was, and there are people who can stay friends forever with you. Even though you don't meet each other everyday, even though we don't call each other everyday, they still consider you a friend after all those years and all those moments of not being together.

Imagine this.

You are a having a bad day (people are just going ballistic and shouting at you all day long and you heard a bad rumour about yourself spreading around) and your temper's so flared up you want to shout out loud to the world about it.

Suddenly a long-lost-used-to-be-close-friend calls up asking how you are doing.

As you are so pissed off, you ramble about your bad day, shouting, screaming at that close friend, even asking why they haven't been contacting you for so long.

As usual your close friend waits and listens patiently for your ramblings, say some words for the temper to subside, and goes

"I may not be there when you are happy to celebrate your joy,
but rest assured I'd be there when you are having a bad day, and to listen to all your problems, and to keep you cheerful. Even if I don't contact you often, I know all the while you are happy. But today, I have a feeling you're having a bad day, that's why I'm here to call you, to assure you that you have a friend during your bad days too. Because only friends stand by your side when the whole world turns their back against you. Today I am that friend."

How great is that?? Tak tahan la wei.

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Munie said...

huhu. mmg tak tahan la wei kalau ade member camtu :)