Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Kisah anak dara, anak itik dan anak buaya

It has been well known among the groups currently in Hospital Kuala Lumpur that my group is one of those with all female students in it, and all malay too. The other group with all female students is Husna's group which is supposed to be in Hospital Serdang, but currently "menjadi parasit" in Hospital Kuala Lumpur too.

As usual, on days where our supervisor Mr G can't spend time with us for bedsite tutorial, our whole group will be attending his clinic in the evening. (yup all ten of us cramped in the small room, with the patient and the doctor hehe ;p)

If there is any interesting cases, our doctor would call all of us to go to the patient, so we can actually inspect the interesting signs or symptoms that can be elicited on the patient. He will usually say something like this

"Anak dara anak dara sekalian!! Pergi ke patient __sekian2___"
(amazingly sometimes he speaks in Malay, fluently too!!)
But on that day he said something like this
"Kamu nak dipanggil apa, anak-anak ke anak ayam ke anak itik?"
Of course la our group members are confused with this question, so we asked
"Bukan anak dara ke?"
Our supervisor laughed.
He answered "Mana boleh panggil anak dara selagi tak disahkan anak dara!! (laughs again) Jadi nak jadi anak ayam ke anak itik?"
So our group agreed to the title anak itik. (terbayang iklan digi yang itik2 kuning line up wif itik purple and merah skali ;p)
Then after sometime, when there's only 4 of us left, there's this patient who had some sort of hematoma in his hand, so our supervisor aspirated the fluid from it. Somehow, he started to bleed, so I was in charge with taking the goss and bandage.
At that point, the other 3 of the members were in the procedure room, checking out a proctoscopy procedure (and the rear view of a patient with internal hemorrhoids).
When I went in the clinic with the goss and bandage, the supervisor and the nurse in charge of the room was smiling (sort of mischeviously actually.)
Then the nurse said "Nak bagitau die ke?" looking at the supervisor.
The supervisor then smiled, looked at me and said "Ada nama baru untuk kamu. Bukan anak itik tapi anak buaya!" while he was wrapping the bandage around the patient's arm, ending with a laugh.
"Anak buaya?" of course I was even more puzzled by this remark.
"Sebab, (supervisor's name) adalah bapak buaya.. jadi kamu semua anak buaya lah!" the nurse exclaimed and both she and the supervisor laughed their hearts out.
Jadi anak anak buaya boleh la berenang dan gigit orang lain ye?? ;p


hani said...

bleh thn gak dr.G ni punye pervert.. <-- dis is my 1st impression

bapak buaya..n anak buaye..<-- betul la kot..ntah2 playboy..hee :P

= xde angin masakan pokok beronggeng=

haa!! :P

ayu said...

mr gee memang buaya.
but he's cute nonetheless. hehe.

(non malays yang boleh speak fluent malay memang cute. droooooooool! but maybe its just me, :P)

Farah Waheeda said...

haha.. bayangkan tyson beckford cakap melayu..

cair siot.. i'd be hyperventilating (not that i wouldn't if he spoke any other language ;p)