Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Medical student = eating

I think there's one thing that medical students in my university is good in. I don't know about other batches above or below me, but the medical students in my batch are really good at eating. Especially if the food provided is free. Seriously.

For instance if there is any function in the faculty (usually it starts with the speeches held in Dewan Kuliah Utama, FPSK, UPM and ends with the meal provided by the faculty in the foyer of FPSK, UPM), we medical students will be among the first few to rush out of the DKU to get the food. Amazingly, sometimes when I just get out of the hall after the speech ends, I can catch a few of the students in my batch already eating a sumptous meal from the plate out of the hall. How fast is that? Faster than the speed of lightning or superman I tell you.

Not to mention about the open houses during raya. Everytime there's an open house going to be held, and the news announced in front of the class, the food in that house usually finishes. Hehe. We medical students eat a lot. Especially if its free. That's why most of us don't mind driving far, even to banting, bangi, keramat or wherever to get great food. Plus great company. (Ayu rumah you makan sedap la ;D especially the mi soto)

Like today. Me, arifah, mimi and intan went to HKL, in hopes to get to watch at least one major surgery in the Operation Theather (OT). Then suddenly Mimi mentioned about a jamuan raya held in 7th floor of Grand Seasons Hotel (her neighbour works here) and said that the jamuan raya was open to public (or also known as us!). So we walked all the way to Grand Seasons, with our 'muka tebal', and backpacks (unlike the other people there who are in their best raya outfits, we were smelling like puke, blood and feces i think - the surgery was right hemicolectomy before), and taking the plates and started to eat. Hehe.

But the food tasted great. And I am just a fan of chocolate, and there was 3 chocolate cakes up for grabs. Yay!

Therefore, medical student = eating. Hehehe.

the jamuan raya open to public

the medical students eating

the 3 types of chocolate cake :D from top right plate, there is chocolate with icing and chocolate brownie, while in the bottom left there is moist chocolate cake .. heaven.. but hell for the diet!! ;p


ayu said...

i love the mi soto too!
next year u sooo have to come again ok!

heyyy bestnye makan free. rugi tak gi hkl harini. haha.

Farah Waheeda said...

sure thang. count me in!! as long as the co pilot this time does not doze his head off ;p