Saturday, November 10, 2007

So close but yet so far

It is so annoying. Just when you are about to fall head over heel for some guy (for whatever reasons there may be), suddenly that one guy, the dude, the person you think you might have a chance to live happily ever after (well probably not happily ever after, but happily enough to spend your weekends with) decides to say or do stuff that makes you think over.

Just suddenly they decide to say something about the course you are taking. About how being a medical student changes the very aspect of making a relationship, and medical students can only go with guys from engineering faculties or doctors to be. (Well i tried going with that electrical engineer to be from UTP and it didn't work, so there!)

Then you realise they are just like you, checking you out, but still keeping another eye open for other girlfriend to be girls, just like you are checking other guys in case this one guy decides to break your heart. Or almost break your heart.

What a crappy world. Everyone taking care for their own heart, so who says we should just stick to that one person??

Now i'm feeling crappy. Should watch heroes and drool all over Peter Petrelli or that new dude who can fly, Wes (am I wrong with his name?), and probably my heart would soften up a little.

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