Saturday, November 3, 2007


I hate waiting in general. Waiting for friends when they come late for a meeting. Waiting for friends who are 'on the way' or indirectly saying 'God I'm don't know how late I would be?' when we are supposed to meet up for a hang out session one hour ago. And most of all I hate waiting for a reply of an sms, especially when I am lonely, or when I am really desperate for company. And that's how I feel right now, at this very second. Why is this certain person not replying my sms?? Busy sangat ke?? Too many people smssing at the same time?? No credit? Fell asleep?? Why? Why?

Then I'd start to get frustrated and start checking my phone book, wondering who I should sms or call next. Well, I can't wait forever right? Life must go on. Then suddenly the person I've been trying to contact sms me half way when I'm happily contacting another person. Of course la takkan layan. Come on la. You chose not to contact me first. Haha.


This month is my favourite month. The month where I turn older each year. And waiting for who will greet me on that very special day. Last year, someone I least expected called me up and wished me happy birthday, and that one phone call made my day. I realised he still cared about me, and wanted me to know that he still remembers my birthday. Hehe. Probably this time around I would do that for him. After all, his birthday is just 3 days before mine. :P


Peer pressure for other people is to smoke. To do drugs. To have sex. To club. In my case, it is to lose weight. The road to fitness, as they say. Yeah. Peer pressure. Pushes you to the limit.


I have an eye for that one person. Finally. But...

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